A great tea kettle so far

I'm pretty new to the world of pour over coffee making, which is surprising as it's my one last remaining "vice" at this time in my life. I like the slow down of this method and the richness a great GREAT cup of coffee can add to certain moments of my day. I'm not fond of wasting money, and really hate returning stuff that is a crap product. This is not the case here.

I bought this Fino Pour Over Coffee Kettle after reading some reviews about it, as well as some other tea kettles here on Amazon. Reviews seemed decent so I took a chance and bought one. I got it - well wrapped, quick with Prime - two parts (lid and kettle) - and after washing, set it up to use.

The first thing I liked was how substantial it felt. The steel felt like it wouldn't dent if I looked at it wrong and the point where the gooseneck joined the main kettle looked and felt as if it would hold for a very long time.

On an electric burner stove, I brought the kettle to a low boil (medium-high) setting and found it got hot quickly. No whistle, so don't wander too far off when heating. I then made my coffee and it was great! The gooseneck really does make a difference when pouring the water over the grounds - the flow is perfect to keep the coffee "foamy" and yet not make the grounds rise to the top so too much water is needed to get them to the bottom again.

It takes roughly 1-1/2 to 2 minutes to make coffee this way - you don't pour water in and then let the level all, you stand there pouring until your cup is at the right level.

It took me about three days before I ordered another for a relative I visit quite often. Pretty sure I'm now spoiled for life making tea this way.

Bottom line: I think this is a good product and I'm very happy I purchased it. - Carole M.




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